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Pop the question

If you are trying to set up a surprise and answer the question: “How do I propose to my girlfriend while in Charleston?”, just call me and let me tell you: I’ve got you dude!
It is always an honor to help the brave men who jump head first onto the great adventure of life.

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People in and around Antigua

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Object of Desire

I finally get to publish on this! This is probably one of the most fun product shots I have done in a while. ArgosNautic, manufacturer of high-end, luxury tender boats, custom built in matching beauty for the Megayacht, commissioned me to make studio "beauty shots" of...
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  Tony suddenly realizes he forgot to do something...
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Get the prize

This is a concept I have been tinkering with for some time and first from a series that I am planning to build. The original picture was taken in Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cranes have ben out of service for many years, but they are still standing...
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The decisive moment, always…

It is a recurring theme in photography. Ever since Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase the "decisive moment" has been pursued by photographers around the globe. It's most obvious form, is the unplanned, but epic event that gets captured on film because some photographer...
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Allright! Most of my subjects are usually women, but here is one for the ladies. Caio Donega asked me to make a portrait of him. This was done at an impromptu setting, using my trusted Speedlites, a remote trigger and a reflector. I think the wooden paneling backdrop...
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HDR and People together?

We know that people and dinosaurs did not live together, just like portraits and HDR...until now. I had the pleasure to work -again- with model and performance artist Sheyenne Rivers. This in one of the shots of our photoshoot. The red, flowing, spanish-inspired dress...
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This one, no that one! Yellow, it moves! I like it better! Whoa!
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Us photographers, we feed on each other. We are visual animals always looking for that new, edgy image. Deconstructing every photograph that crosses our "desk". Pictures become depth of field, shutter speed, focal length, golden ratio and rule of thirds, f-stops,...
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Weathering the Storm

Florida is famous for its rapidly changing weather. This afternoon as the storm was approaching, the Dragonflies came out. When the wind picked up, the insects just hung on to their lives to anything they could...
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The not so new New Orleans

{loadposition SS_99} This was my first time in New Orleans. No Mardi Gras, no parade.  I was there for a very different reason, you just got to ask any Venezuelan you may know and they will jump to explain. One thing is for sure, I ought to go back. Now, there is...
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Puerto Madero in HDR

This is one of those that you do just for the sake of it. Here it is, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires in all its splendor... {loadposition SS_98}...
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Video AND Photography

{loadposition SS_97} In this age, most videographers rely on DSLRs (the same type of camera photographers use to do their job) for shooting video. So it is logical to think that there may be videographers who could also provide stills. The answer, as many times, is...
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Light, work with me

  Unfavorable light? What can be worse than light blinding you?  Working at the fringe of daylight can become challenging sometimes and you have to work fast, as conditions change by the minute. Working with natural light also means that you are never 100% sure of...
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Happy Valentine’s day!

Lucky couple! Emily and Ryan are getting married on September 6th, 2013 and this is probably my favorite shot of their "Save the Date" session. Not only what I think is a powerful and fun image, but it was also a particularly great afternoon at the beach. I got...
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Gun Romance

Meeting at places forgotten by many. Practicing their obscure rituals. What is missing in their hearts so they have to fill up their senses with smoke clouds, flash and thunder?...
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Glow, an experiment with “SprectaFlair” (TM)

An irresistible objetc is all it takes to get me going. This one is a "Digital Services Activation Meter" or DSAM from JDSU. It is the thing that the modern Cable Guy carries on his belt to get you up and running with your Internet and Digital Cable TV. The thing is...
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Portfolio Project – Cotton Candy Weather

How many times have you looked at the clouds in the sky and you were amazed by how they looked almost exactly like cotton? And why not cotton candy? I enlisted Model and Artist Sheyenne Rivers for this shot and found a great location with a hill, that allowed me to...
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Portfolio Project – Unfair Advantage

Have you ever wished you had an unfair advantage? It is OK, life throws us so many curves that it is ok if every once in a while we get an easy one. I know what you are thinking: "But isn't that cheating?", and the answer is -as in many cases- "it depends". Your...
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Portfolio Project – Vanity

I've got inspired with some photographs I have seen that play around with this idea of how we think of ourselves. Many times we are so surprised to see ourselves photographed or taped on video. The image that we have of ourselves does not match reality in most cases....
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Portfolio Project – Thumbs Up!

I've toyed around with this idea for a while how a fork is a constructed to resemble a human hand. And human hands make gestures. So a fork becomes a hand and goves to finger to some or just gives you a thumbs-up saying "Everybody agrees that the food around here is...
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Portfolio Project – Alphabet Soup

The technology field is one that is particularly prone to use TLAs or three-letter-acronyms, to the point where we just repeat them and many times we don't know anymore what are we talking about. Do you know what all acromyms you use stand for? Especially in...
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Portraits – That lucky guy

When you were a kid, how many times did you say the phrase "when I grow up, I ..."? When we are young, tend to think that what comes should be better. Is it so? I tell you, I want to be THIS GUY! Young, handsome, full of energy, beautiful women hovering around me...
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Portfolio Project – Golf obsession

Us men can get pretty osessive with our pet-projects and leisure activities. Once we get into something we become IT. "I am a golfer", "I am a drummer", etc. So this seemed like a natural to come up with for a golf-head who sees his life in from the sport's...
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The pictures look amazing, my now fiancee is freaking out because they turned out so wonderful! Thank you so much for walking me through all of this surprise photography stuff and making it a stress free process!


Huba was the ultimate rockstar who treated us like the rockstars we wanted to be! Among the chaos and sheer insanity we went thru on our wedding day Huba and his assistant took care of every little detail to make sure every shot was perfect, not a bad photo in the bunch. From our engagement pictures to the second the limo doors were closed, we have the most beautiful photographs to help us remember our most blessed day yet.


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