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Unfavorable light? What can be worse than light blinding you? 

Working at the fringe of daylight can become challenging sometimes and you have to work fast, as conditions change by the minute. Working with natural light also means that you are never 100% sure of what you are going to get. As a professional you account for most of the factors, visit the location at a similar time days before the shoot, take proof shots, check the weather, make sure your watch is on-time, etc. but you cannot be 100% sure, ever. So you have to be prepared to do the best of what you have.

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – They say. Good advice, but they left out a part. Making lemonade, if you are not prepared, can turn out sour. What you do as a professional is make sure you know how to get sugar for the lemonade.

This shot is one of the last ones of a session with model and artist Sheyenne Rivers. The day was dying, and is still my favorite shot of the day. Thank you Florida Sun, for working with me.